Play It Forward

Inspire the next generation

Air-guitar is great for parties, but it won’t do children any good. They need real instruments – and there are many out there sitting silent. Play it Forward brings young musicians and unused instruments together. Grandma’s piano, the flute you haven’t played since high school, that old guitar under the bed. you donate it, we fix it up, and a deserving child gets a gift that will help him or her improve their musical abilities, their cognitive powers, and their future.

PIF logoThe Play it Forward program brings together donors and music students in a unique and compelling way; our donors give instruments that have a family history and sentimental value and feel good knowing that the recipient is a child who will love the instrument as much as the family before them.  Community members donate their instruments, often having sat in their homes unused for decades, donors wanting their well-loved instrument to go to kids who will happily benefit from its use.

Recipients are asked to make the same pledge that  The Snowman Foundation has committed to; that through their passion for music, they will Play It ForwardWhether that means mentoring a younger, aspiring musician, playing a concert for someone who will appreciate the gesture, or simply committing to volunteering on a regular basis, devotion to improving the beauty of our community is important to the growth as a young person and as a musician.

The Snowman Foundation will review the applications based on the following criteria:
**Financial Need
**Existing relationship with The Snowman Foundation
**Demonstrated talent and/or strong desire to learn the instrument
** Age and age group (we focus our resources on students ages 18 and younger, with some exceptions)

Individual/Student Instrument Application
School/Organization Instrument Application


We are accepting piano donations but we must be sure that the piano is in good working order for a young musician to enjoy and learn with. The instrument should be functional and not in need of repair to play.  Keys, hammers, strings, pedals and cabinet should be in good order.  If your piano has been appraised it would be helpful.  A video of the instrument being played would be very good as well.  We accept pianos after review by our technician and West Coast Piano Moving will coordinate pick-up directly with you.   To donate a piano, please contact our program manager, Jenica, at 503-933-5756 or

Other Instrument Donation (including music equipment such as drumsticks, guitar strings, sheet music, etc)
We accept most other instruments and music equipment without exception. To donate an instrument or other music equipment, please fill out our information form:

Instrument Donation  Form


Public Piano Placement Initiative

Besides putting instruments directly into the hands of kids, through Play It Forward, The Snowman Foundation has launched an initiative that makes pianos available in public spaces for kids to play with, explore, and practice on.   This initiative will also engage children’s artist groups, local businesses and our existing partners in order to maximize our outreach. If you are interested in being a part of the public piano placement, please contact Michael Allen Harrison, 503.746.1080 or


Rosewood Initiative

16126 SE Stark Street
Portland OR 97233
Monday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm


Portland Police Bureau Central Precinct

1111 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland OR 97204
Lobby open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


Portland Children’s Museum

4015 SW Canyon Road
Portland OR
Piano is located directly outside front doors


Happy Cup Coffee

446 NE Killingsworth,
Portland OR 97213